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Blaming of Others 24 May 2022

Of course I have the right to criticize others. I can criticize the state, the church, communities and neighborhoods. They are faulty. They are not trustworthy. They are useless. And I am right. No doubt.
It is easy to find faults in organizations. Thus I have great and valid reasons for not participating in those organizations. I condemn them.

A small note. 'Other blame' is a brother of 'self blame'. I condemn myself as well. I am of no use to all those organizations. It is easy to disqualify myself as a member of communities. Not me. I am of no use for them. Do not bother me any more. I am free.


I hate the corruption in organizations. And I should. It honors me.
Blaming keeps me at a safe distance from acting. I have excellent reasons to keep distance.

Shared Criticism

Healthy organizations audit their performance. They may measure their results. They may evaluate their problems. It is not be the work of one single person. Then we are back at criticism ... Critics need balance.

Common criticism might be gossip or backtalk. Critics are valuable, but only when addressed at the right place. And thus, an organization unwilling to deal with honest critics is in trouble and danger for mismanagement.


Jesus, teach me proper feedback instead of silent criticism. Teach me honest reflection.

Some items of resistance.

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