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Autonomous 22 May 2022

Freedom is a big thing. I have the right to decide myself. I love to be autonomous. Therefore any human being will find it hard to submit to the authority of a community, even when I would benefit from the submission. Yes, by times, I also have suffered from abuse of authority. Power and authority provide space for abuse.

Good and Beautiful

It is good when a person is able to care for his life. He or she does not depend overly on others. Such a person can make a plan and execute it.
Autonomy allows for critical thinking. It is not good when there is just one single opinion about a subject or problem.

Communities do need autonomous people. But not independent and stubborn uncorrectable people.

Shared Autonomy

Would there be something like a shared autonomy as with shared ownership? An example. I am married and together with Millet we are autonomous to decide where to live and settle. When we act independent in important matters, then our ways separate. We destroy the marriage. Nevertheless, the partners need a degree of autonomy to make decisions in the daily life.

The Right To Decide

Do I have the right to decide for everything in my life? I do not believe so. In that case I am independent. I am in danger to separate myself from others. I am in danger to destroy cooperation with team members.
Good decisions need respect for others. Bad decisions need correction, perhaps from others.

Apart from the 'right-to-decide', it is needed that most decisions (and especially important ones) can be made in freedom. Love, trust and respect can help me to adjust and give up some of my autonomy.


Jesus, I'd love to be part of a community that values love, trust and respect. Please guide me.

Some items of resistance.

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