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I.M. Mindful 31 May 2021

How would mindful relate to a fair? I will write a little on evaluation of what gives pleasure.

Pleasure Prediction

It is never easy to know the future. I heard about a method to stimulate depressed persons to seek activities giving them pleasure. When a person is depressed he may avoid starting something new.
They are asked to make a list of possible activities they could like doing. Next they should rate every activity with a chance in percent that the specific activity would give them joy or satisfaction. Easy enough.
Next they are encouraged to do one activity at a time. After having done that activity, they should rate the activity for the actual pleasure or satisfaction they had experienced.
The interesting thing is that some of the activities with high expectation were pretty dissatisfying. And as well some activities predicted as boring turned out to be very satisfying.


Testing and measuring of feelings that we are not so aware of, yields surprising results.
When I do not know how other persons feel about me, I can test it by asking them. It may be revealing and frequently different from what I expected.
When I have a feeling that a friend has a certain emotion, e.g. disappointment with me, I can inquire if it could be correct. Perhaps the friend was not disappointed at all.


Come Holy Spirit, guide me in testing my own and others' feelings. Jesus I ask for a gift of your love to do so with respect and kindness.

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