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I.M. Mind-blown 30 May 2021

Over the years we are supposed to grow in wisdom. When I compare myself to an ape. What makes me smarter?

Ape's Life

Did you ever hear about an ape dying for hunger? I never did. Perhaps apes and monkeys are smarter than mankind. Did you ever see a monkey worrying about his clothes? I guess they do have a more relaxed life than I am having.

Ape versus Monkey

The English language diversifies. Apes do have tails. Monkeys usually don't. The Dutch language only uses one common word for the two species. Did you ever hear apes or monkeys quarreling who among them is the smartest? Perhaps they fight for the leadership in their own tribe.


I like the simple life of the apes and monkeys. I am however not jealous of those 'smart' animals. About intelligence it seems I can easily outperform them. It is however mind-blowing how my intelligence by times creates trouble. When I act smart, someone else will fight me. When I am rich, someone else may like to rob me. How nice would it be when mankind would share all his resources in a loving and kind way.
It is mind-blowing that there is plenty of food on this earth and that all those smart people are not able to distribute it according to the individual needs.
Perhaps we are not as smart as we think.


Father God, teach us humility and love.

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