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I.M. Mighty 29 May 2021

Every person has some potential, a capability to add some meaning or value to life. If not, then his or her life would be worthless.


When I would practice, I perhaps could learn to lift a weight of 100 kg from the floor. I do have the power. With doing so, I may damage my back-bone. Power can destroy.
When I read in my bible I see that Jesus had power. Some examples are the power to heal, the power to drive out demons, the power to calm a storm. It is not easy to believe and understand those things. He gave his disciples similar powers. It seems a long gone history. We no more or very seldom see healing miracles. What happened? Do those powers no more exist?
I suspect that I have powers which I am not able to use. It would at least need faith. I would need practice and perhaps instruction. I am not sure if I have a gift of healing the sick or calming storms. And if I would have such gifts, what would be the purpose? To make me rich? To make me famous?


What would be a proper usage of power? Perhaps to bring forth blessing to persons in need. Perhaps to make God known. Perhaps to bring glory to God.
Power however tickles my pride. And my pride robs the honor of God. I take the honor. I am stealing of God. I hardly know how to bring glory to God.

I have Power

I did not ask for power. God entrusted some power to me.
I have the power to love those in need.
I have the power to stop doing damage to the nature and earth.
I have the power to think.
I have the power to pray.

I as well have the power to do nothing, to hurt, to steal, to deceive, to kill and many more bad things.

The choice is Mine


Father God, you who have equipped me with power, please teach me to use my powers for your glory. And please forgive where I fail the test.

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