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I.M. Micro-Managed 28 May 2021

Some persons can plan their projects in every little detail. Of course preparation for important events is a good thing. When I however feel micro-managed by my boss, things are different.

Control Freak

I am not a control freak. But I do like to be in control. I do not like unpleasant surprises. I do prepare for important things. Often I forget to anticipate difficulties.
When my boss acts as a control-freak I may get annoyed or frustrated. Nevertheless I can learn from him. And it is worth to listen to him or her.


It is not pleasant when a boss or parent mistrust me or doubts my capability.
My best option could be to ask my boss for specific points where I need to care for or what kind of reporting he/she would appreciate. It as well may help to update my boss by times on my progress.


It becomes a problem when a boss hinders me to use my own talents and strengths. For me that shows a style of management which hinders me. I need to sort it out with him. Or I should seek a job where I have more freedom to use and develop my talents.


Father God, thank you so much that you have entrusted a life to me. I do appreciate your Holy Spirit to guide me in life. Jesus, please teach me teamwork.

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