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I.M. Meditative 25 May 2021

Today's picture is a part of of the writings of Saint Catherine of Siena. I can not read it. A friend has meditated on the text and found wisdom in it.


When I meditate I like to focus on something with meaning. Sometimes I try to make my spirit empty and quiet. It is not easy to silence all kinds of thoughts. Becoming quiet takes discipline and practice.
Another kind of meditation is the study of wisdom. The bible is useful for me. There are quite some excellent books which can inspire me to meditate.

New Life

What I desire is a life connected to God and others. Usually it is me, my ego, that hinders. What hinders me most is not far away. It is often the 'chaos' caused by my desire to solve various problems instantly. I like to control. I like to be a 'king'. I like to be smart.
In contrast, God commands me to be loving and compassionate.


Father God, I desire to meditate on your ways. Please help me to slow down. Teach me how to connect with love and kindness to the world around.

Saint Catherine's writing

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