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I.M. Masterful 22 May 2021

Mastering a profession requires learning. Usually the student benefits from a master who instructs him. The student is modelled after the master.


Mastering an art takes a lot of practice. I need to overcome methods which hinder further improvement. Becoming a master requires an attitude of wrestling. Trials and failures alternated. It takes sacrifices and a seriously long time.

Being a Leader

Becoming a leader or successful has the the same road of learning. I need to learn to be a leader. It begins in my personal life. I must be willing to make sacrifices. I must be willing to make mistakes. First I need to master 'myself'. If I want students to learn from my example, then I need to be an example.
I like a master to shape me.


Come Holy Spirit, be my instructor. Please model me after the heavenly image God has already prepared for me. Jesus guide me in willingness and skill to give up my old life. Whatever hinders, I allow you to prune it.

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