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I.M. Marked 21 May 2021

A mark could be a stain. Marks can be made accidentally or on purpose. Perhaps I am marked by my character. With an examination I may get as well a mark. The word mark does have a variety of meanings.


I may get a mark as a form of selection. I am destined for a certain purpose. I may be prepared and trained for that purpose.
When my life has a purpose, a task that I am supposed to carry out in the future, I prepare myself or I undergo coaching.
Is it an unchangeable future? No, it is not. I may fail my training. I may be afraid for the responsibility and the risk of failing in that task.

Dreams and Calling

I may have a desire myself. People around me may observe my talent and skill. Is it a mark? Is it a kind of unavoidable predestination?


Father God, I am special. You have marked me for a certain future. You are preparing me. Here I am, take me, prepare me and send me. I thank you and I trust you.

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