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I.M. Loved 18 May 2021

Do I need love? The normal thing is that some loves finds me without me making effort. It is a gift. Thus, when I demand or require love its meaning evaporates.

Absolute Need?

Is it possible that I live for a while without (consciously) receiving love? I think so. When I am at peace with myself and the world around, I can enjoy life for a while.
How long can I live without receiving love? An hour? A day? A week? A month?
The longer the period gets, the harder it may feel.


Love is expressed in a caring relationship. Man is not made to be alone. I desire to connect to others.

Love Dependent

When I need 'love' to feel secure or pleasant, my need can never be met. I am a love-addict. Comparable to being a coffee-addict. I do not feel well without coffee.


Psychologists and others talk about self-love. I always find that strange. I know that hating myself or a part of myself is a problem. I need to accept who and what I am. And that is a gift freely to be made to myself. It set my self free from anxieties.
Of course, I need to care for myself. When I don't, all around me will shy away. I need to make myself presentable. I like it to be basic, simple, what is needed.
When I am continuously busy with pleasing myself, I am narcissistic. My care for myself should be accompanied by friendship with others. Friendship requires that I am not always the number one on my agenda.
In my opinion, I am called to love God and my neighbours. It is required that I am happy with who I am. Love begets love. I do not have to work hard to love myself. I need to cooperate with the grace of being loved. And that produces life and joy.


Father God, thank you for your steadfast love. (Lam 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the lord never ceases.)

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