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I.M. Loud 17 May 2021

This is the case when I am annoying other persons with my speech. I am too bold with expressing myself. Loud and Clear.

What next?

Be more quiet. Smile about myself. Listen to the others.
The hearers of my loudness may say: "Shut up!"
It may be the prophet's loan. You can't tell people what they do not want to hear. A loud voice will not make a big difference.

Conversation End

Any conversation, whether bad or good will come to an end. I forgive myself. And perhaps I apologize for my loud voice.
The quietness of the being alone leaves me with the bitter and too loud inner voice: "I was right." Again I smile. The being 'right' does not bring peace to my mind.


Father God, be with me when I have been too loud.

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