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I.M. Lost 16 May 2021

When I get involved in something too complicated, I may get lost. In the best case I may engage myself in a challenge. In the worst case I may run into trouble.

Lost In Conversation

By times, I talk too much. Next I get lost in the conversation: "What was I talking about?". It is quite an art to answer questions in a compact and accurate way. Especially when I do not have a good answer to a question I may get lost in the process of thinking or even worse in the contemplating of a lie.

Seeking Direction

I may get lost in a labyrinth or in seeking my way in a city. In the time before we had our cell phones directing us to almost everywhere, I got frequently lost. In such a case I needed to ask for directions. And quite often the instructions failed. Thus another inquiry was needed.

Road Through Life

The journey through a life is especially tricky. No-one knows the direction for his or her future. Thus normal humans get lost by times in a world map which has not yet been updated. It is like a discovery journey. And I like it.


Father God, thanks a lot for the road of life so full of surprises. When I am really lost, please send your Holy Spirit to guide me. Of course, I welcome the Holy Spirit at any time.

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