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I.M. Loathing 13 May 2021

Few things are so annoying as dirty smells. They make me loathing. There are however human behaviours which do have the quality to stir up disgust in others.


God despises some of our feasts (Amos 5:21, Is 1:14, Jer 6:20). We can not please God with a just feast in His honor. In the case I do not live with justice, God will loathe because of my joyful celebrations.


It is not just God who hates hypocrisy. Most people do. Unfortunately I can find some hypocrisy in my own life. No human is perfect.
It is true that I hate some things with myself. I find it hard to keep my desk clean. I am not a star with having many friends. I struggle with various issues in my relationships. I am not as effective as I would like to be.


Thank God, I can see myself with compassion as well. I am not supposed to be the caretaker of a broken world. I am called to see the world and myself with grace and with a hope for a meaningful future.
Nevertheless I am willing to face moments where I feel disgusted with the loathing smell of corruption and indifference.


Father God, help me to see myself, others and this world with compassion. Teach me how to stop loathing and to explore new fresh ways for many.

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