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I.M. Little 12 May 2021

There has been a time I was little. Unfortunately most of my memories have faded away. I can't redo my past. And I am certainly too lazy to seek to redo all my previous years. Re-doing 65 years of life and work, would certainly make me feel like 130 years of age. I would miss my relaxed good old days.


I am so thankful for the time when I was small and for all the care which my parents gave me. They are the ones who gave me their inheritance. My character and my being is shaped in the likeness of them.
Now I do not believe that my parents were perfect. And neither am I. I did not require my parents to be perfect. Neither do I require myself to be perfect.


There is someone who protects and loves the little ones. His name is Jesus. He is a son too, just like me. I am not saying that I am like Jesus. He was the 'son of God'. And in that quality he was born as a little child. But he did not inherit the sins of an earthly father nor the sins of his earthly mother, because Mary was immaculate.
You would expect that this Jesus would be contaminated by our world. I consider it as an important 'miracle' that he didn't. And that is where I really, really like to imitate Him. He found his way in this broken world. I suspect that the secret of Jesus was that he remained 'little', in the freedom of a child cared for by a heavenly Father.


Father God, teach me in being a little son.

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