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I.M. Lifted 10 May 2021

Over the centuries, heights have attracted mankind. Perhaps because of the great view. May be because of the quietness. Watching out of the window of an airplane gives a magnificent view over the earth. Of course when it is not cloudy. You see the things from a different perspective.


It is a while ago when I went on holiday. There are still many memories. When I come home I see many things more relaxed and with fresh thoughts.


Being lifted up is usually not automatic or from the nothing. Some force is required. Or a trick needs to be used. Gravity is a very efficient and constant down pulling force.
In a normal human life there are as well continuously forces pulling on our moods. Disappointment and rejection are some examples. I need to make efforts to lift up my mood out of a 'depression'. The normal daily work may help a lot. I need to forgive. I need to correct my bad thoughts and think afresh in different and more life-giving ways. Many experience music as uplifting. I prefer more to face the issues and work through them.
To be lifted up, I need to co-operate. I need to be willing. I need to seek an uplifting stream. Just a small boost will not really bring me in the heights. I love the daily routines of eating, work and meeting others on the upward journey. A first step is always nearby both in time and place: live in the here and now.
Being kind to someone else usually lifts up the mind.


Ohh Jesus, lift me up. Make me a blessing for those around.

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