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I.M. Lifeless 9 May 2021

Dead bones do have little life. Dead bones on a graveyard remind to life, but are lifeless. Life is reserved for the living creatures. And there is an eternal life for those who believe. Thus my faith beats dead.

The Impossible

Can the impossible be done? Can something which is dead come to life? I think so. An old seed can still grow into a tree. It does need the right circumstances like water and warmth. A dream can be brought to life. A plan can be brought into execution.

Still Hard

In the phase that it is still hard to believe in a dream I begin with 'hope'. Hope for what still appears unbelievable or impossible. It helps to share my hope with others. Usually they smile with in the best case a: 'Yes, that would be nice.'
We should encourage those with hope. They are a step further then others with lifeless dreams.

Talking To Dreams

I never heard about such a thing. Although ... centuries ago there was a prophet who prophesied to dead bones. His name was Ezekiel. And in chapter 37 of the Bible book named after him, he was commanded to talk to dry bones: "Dry bones, hear the word of Yahweh." And he did not just speak one word, but he spoke out a full plan of re-creation. And after them he commanded 'breath' to go into the re-created bodies. And it happened.

I must talk to the 'dry bones' of my dream. I must speak out a creation plan or procedure. When I dream about a community I need to talk to my dream-community: "You shall teach. You shall coach many. You shall bring life to others. You shall help people to do good things and to raise up their talents from lifelessness."
"You dead bones, gather together! Talk together. Dream a life worthy of your children."


God, give me the faith to prophesy to your and my dreams.

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