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I.M. Liberated 8 May 2021

Just a 76 years ago my country was at war. We were occupied by our neighbours, the Germans. It ended just an 11 years before I was born. In my lifetime, the Netherlands never was in war. ... Except the Indonesian liberation war. Because just as my nation was occupied, we had colonized a few other places in the world.


I easily may think that I am blameless and that I do not enslave other persons. Are there no exceptions?
How do I treat Millet? Do I ordain her to the domestic chores? Does she need liberation?
How do I treat my relatives? Do I support freedom for them? Or do I cast high expectations on them?


The most liberating thing in my life was the confession of all my sins to a priest. Someone else could know about the pain of all kind of failures.
At the age of 65 years I still have various unexplored talents. They await liberation. It only can happen by practicing and experimenting. Yes, by making trials and faults. They are however seldom failures that I am ashamed about. Those are liberating failures. I am learning to find new ways. And I love it.


Jesus, be my Redeemer. Send your Holy Spirit. Bind me to fellow co-redeemers.

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