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I.M. Legitimate 7 May 2021

I am what I am. Some foreigners in the Netherlands are however not legitimate. They are called 'illegal'. They have no right to be in my country. It must be very intimidating for them. Never a moment that you feel secure.
Another almost unwanted group are the 'refugees'. Half of them may have more rights than the illegal guests. Half of them may spend their time in the Netherlands in fear and trembling.

My House

How am I doing with the rights to enter my house? You are right. Not many do have the legitimate right to enter my house.
How welcome is the foreigner with me? How welcome is my family in my house? And how welcome are my neighbours?

My Legitimate Rights

It appears to me that my legitimate rights almost make me a stranger in my own house. Friendship, family and other relationships are not built on legitimate rights. They only can be build up from a loving and caring heart.
I do have the right to be lonely. But I am invited to be open.


Jesus, open my heart for my neighbour. Help me to accept unannounced guests.

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