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I.M. Lacking 4 May 2021

Sure enough I ask myself the question: "What is lacking?" I am not thinking about poverty. Sometimes things which I really anticipate to happen, simply don't. What went wrong?

Fortune Telling

I am not a fortune teller. I am unable to predict the future. Not many things are sure until they really happen.
But let me be honest. I do not even believe that certain dreams will happen. Simply because I am not working effectively on them. I can't expect to win a Million Euro when I do not buy a lottery ticket. And then it is still just gambling with a very low chance for success. I am not in gambling.

Trust My Capability

By times I lack trust in my own capabilities. I lack the trust that I can connect to the right people. I lack efforts to connect to new people. It is not that I make no effort at all.
I lack trust with asking people even for a small favor. I dare to ask for simple tiny things, but I do not like to bother people too much.
The question is what efforts I am avoiding to get my dreams realized.


I need the faith that can move mountains. All faith needs beginnings. When I lack to start planning and fail to do work, not much will happen.


Jesus, who will be with us till the end of times, please grant me the faith of your father Joseph the worker!

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