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I.M. Knowing 2 May 2021

I know what I know. I do not know what others know. Today I like to talk about delegating work. I do know in what way I would do the work myself. If I entrust the same work to someone else, I do not know how he or she will do the job.
And my not knowing causes fear. I like to be in control myself. I want the job done in my way. Even when I know that is a mistake.


I am hindering another person to do the job in the way he can do it well. I am blocking his creativity. He becomes fearful to make a mistake. He just and only does what he has been told to do. ... Even when that causes trouble. He has been instructed. He is prohibited to use what he knows or believes to be good. I robbed his freedom. And I stole his joy. I have spoiled the job.


The Google company did investigate what their employees value most in their job. The highest thing desired was not money, honor, position or trust. The most wanted thing was a place where they could use their own insights and where they were allowed to make mistakes. In other words: a safe environment where they could learn and grow.


God of life, my prayer is for places where people feel home and where they can flourish. I pray for leaders who dare to delegate tasks. I pray for coaches to support the journey into life.


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