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I.M. Kind 1 May 2021

I am a kind of kind person. At least when I am in a good mood. Nothing is so vulnerable to change as a mood. My moods do have ups and downs. That is not a sin. My preference is to be kind.


How do I prove that I am kind? I could give examples. There are as well times when I am unkind. No examples needed. It is not easy to measure kindness. I could ask Millet or persons who know me whether I am kind. They might say: "Yes, you are kind. ... But actually ...", followed by stories of moments where I was unfriendly or irritating others. They will confirm that I am not continuously nice.


It is an act of kindness to listen well to other persons. Angels, however nice they might be, are not considered being good in listening. Their problem is that they can't show their understanding because usually they do not talk. To prove that I have listened well, I need to explain to the other person what impression I got from his words. And when I am accurate, the speaker may tell me: "Thanks for your kind listening."
Listening is a valuable art. Perhaps a gift to man-kind. It is however a gift which needs to be learned. Almost no one is a great listener by nature. I need training and practice in listening and learning to express what I have understood. Taking notes while listening is a helpful practice.


Father God, in your kindness grant me the gift of listening kindly. Holy Spirit, please guide me into practicing the art of listening. Jesus, can I talk to you?

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