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Song of Solomon: Maturing 14 May 2020

The capability to feed others is a sign of becoming (or being) mature. I really find this an inspiring thought. A man needs to be able to provide food for the family. A woman needs to be able to feed and raise children. Both have in common that they need to be able to nurse and care for children. They should be able to carry and bring forth life.


A mature Israel needs to be capable of nurturing other nations. She should be able to provide food and peace to other nations.
This is a prophetic word.


A mature church must be able to feed others. This includes believers of other religions and unbelievers. She should be a life bearer. Life includes food and peace.
This is a prophetic word.


My community must be able to feed others. Again this includes food and shalom. She must be able to care for her life-environment.
This is a requirement.

Sol 8:8-10

8 Our sister is little:
her breasts are not yet formed.
What shall we do for our sister on the day she is spoken for?
9 If she is a rampart,
on the crest we shall build a battlement of silver;
if she is a door,
we shall board her up with planks of cedar.
10 I am a wall, and my breasts represent its towers.
And under their eyes I have found true peace.

Feeding Attracts

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