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Why Community? 18 May 2020

What could motivate a person to join or to commit to a Christian Community?
A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
Therefore when I am a Catholic and I participate in a parish, I am already part of a community.


To be a disciple of Jesus requires that I make serious efforts to follow Jesus and that I am willing to execute his instructions. It requires obedience. If I am disobedient, I disappoint myself first and perhaps others as well.

My Choice

Whether I like it or not, I feel more attracted to a community of disciples than to a community of Catholics.

Why a Disciple?

Because I like to be in the presence of Jesus and I like to be transformed little by little in his likeness.

Thus a community of disciples meets my need to deal with my brokenness, my imperfection.

Cracks in the body

Cracks in my Life.

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