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Song of Solomon: Care for the Self 15 May 2020

The care for the vineyard (vs8:11+12) remembers to the beginning Sol 1:6b: My own vineyard I had not looked after!
Now at the end of Song of Solomon the beloved speaks different. One who is loved cares for the self and for even more (as vs 8:13 will express).

Sol 8:11-12

11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal-Hamon.
He entrusted it to overseers,
and each one was to pay him the value of its produce,
a thousand shekels of silver.
12 But I tend my own vineyard myself.
You, Solomon, may have your thousand shekels,
and those who oversee its produce their two hundred.

Workers for the Harvest

1. There is an I and other overseers.
2. What is entrusted to me needs care from me.
3. The workers in the vineyard share in the profit.
4. Most of the profit goes to the Lover.
If I am loved and if I have become responsible, I am happy and fulfilled.


Search for a vineyard and for the Lover. Just looking for love is dangerous.

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