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No, No, No 31 May 2020

No, is my quick answer to many unknown things. It may be my quick response to requests made to me. It may be my immediate response to strangers. It may be my quick response to promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Nature of Humankind

Few people like to make extra efforts above on a normal workload. I am limited in what I can do. I am limited in my ability to change my behaviour.
In a way my "no" is natural.

No Separates

No's easily damage relationships. When I say "No" to my customers, they will seek another supplier. Does that make sense?

Pentecostal No

I read about a "Smart" No: No, but ... I will help you.
The smart no first helps me to listen to my customer, the requester. Now at least my customer already will be less disappointed. Perhaps I can not solve his problem, but I can advise him or her. I may recommend another supplier. Or I can explain patiently why the request is hard. I am connected. My customer may like to pay me extra.

No to God

God, I am still afraid of you. I am still ashamed of you. I am still busy with my own things. ... but I do not like to close my door.

Afbeelding van Momentmal via Pixabay

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