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Song of Solomon: Israel Cares 16 May 2020

The Beloved invites the Lover (Solomo) to speak to the others in the garden.
In the usual interpretations, the Lover is God.
With Israel as beloved, it could mean that Israel intercedes to God for the other nations in the world.
With the people God called together (Church or Community) as the beloved, the church/community should intercede that God speaks to the world.

Sol 8:13+14

13 You who dwell in the gardens,
my companions listen for your voice;
let me hear it.
14 Haste away, my love, be like a gazelle,
a young stag, on the spice-laden mountains.

Purpose of Church and Community

We are called to invoke God into speaking to the world. The world should hear the loving voice of God. Interesting is, that it is God himself who needs to speak in the hearing of the world. Carefully thought: with the second coming of Jesus there will be no more need for priests.
The final (14) verse displays God as a gazelle, who is sent out on a business trip over this world.

Invitation to the Lover

My prayer today is that Israel and my community may intercede and call forth the voice of God towards this world. Maranatha, Lord Jesus, Come soon and very soon.

Israel Prays

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