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Song of Solomon: Meditation & Conclusion 17 May 2020

The writing about the Song of Solomon was a real adventure. I tried to relate the scriptures to community. I made no effort for theological correctness. I found a beautiful imagery which can be very helpful for praying and teaching. I would expect that various thoughts can help with praying for Israel, church, christian community and relationships.

The Reader

I hope you as a reader enjoyed my meditations and thoughts.
If some thoughts are improper, I am very willing to hear and correct where needed.
I would appreciate to hear responses. Especially suggestions to improve or extend some thoughts.

Appendix: 'The people God calls together'

In the vaticanum II documents a new model of the church was introduced: The church as people of God. At least from that time 'a new Israel' is a title for the church, meaning the people called together by God. This does however not intent to replace Israel as a people and a nation.

In my personal opinion a Christian community also can be considered as a group op persons called together by God. My prayer is that God may call loud and clear.

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