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Game 26 May 2020

Most people like to play games. I am one of them. When I play a game, I experience fun and pleasure. The risks are usually low.

It is relaxing. There is no need to be very serious. I may play safe. I avoid big risks.

And at the same time I may loose a lot.


Playing is what children do. They imitate the real world in a form that matches their level of understanding and skills. They learn from it. They enjoy it. There are no risks and it is safe. ... for children at least.

Real World Playing

If grown up people continue to play and are avoiding responsibilities, they are gambling. A French king said: "Après moi, le déluge". It means: "After me the big flood, that will destroy everything." So: "who cares."


When problems are too big, I may relax. I may step back from being responsible to the level of playing a game. I know it is not good. But it saves me for a while from being fired.

The game of Life

Life slips down to the level of a game when my responsibilities become too heavy. Once I was in a team with a burned out person. He could not pick up the actual signals that the team was dying. He was just able to play and ignore the reality. I was shocked about his "deafness", his inability to really hear the signals. Even if we were not able to change the reality.

God Calls; I play

I can see the need for community. To take up a common responsibility to care for Christian Life. Love one-another. Love your neighbour. Care for the environment. Love God.

When I am honest, I admit: "I just play a game". True responsibility is too hard for me.

Us playing a game

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