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Song of Solomon: Friend 3 May 2020

Sol 5:16

His conversation is sweetness itself,
he is altogether lovable.
Such is my love,
such is my friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem.


God spoke to Israel through the prophets. Often in sweet language, but not always.


How is the conversation of God with the church? God speaks through the bible, Holy Spirit and the tradition. I believe there are still prophets. The church is slow and sometimes unwilling to discern if what the prophet says comes from God.

(Kingdom) Community

In my opinion, God can speak only when a community has sufficient unity. The first problem is that most people are afraid to commit themself to a community.

Sweet Conversation

We all desire it. We like to hear the voice of God. Prayer should or could be sweet conversation. What I tell God is not always sweet. What I hear from God is usually sweet. What I hear from the Devil is sour. God is known by his Love.

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