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Song of Solomon: Dancing 7 May 2020

Sol 7:1

Come back, come back, girl from Shulam,
come back, come back, where we can look at you!
Why are you looking at the girl from Shulam,
dancing between two lines of dancers?


Shulammite could mean 'she who has peace' or 'she who belongs to Solomon'. I prefer the first meaning. Jerusalem should be the city of peace. Israel is called to bring forth God's peace to the world.

Who or what am I looking at?

The reader or listener becomes involved. I need to choose at whom or what I am looking. And there is choice involved. The girl from Shulam is dancing between two lines of dancers.

Interpretations and Thoughts

The fist thought is that Israel (the beloved) is split in the North and South kingdom. But that would make the beloved utterly divided. Perhaps we can pray for a restoration of the North and South parts of Israel. I am sure God loves both.
The second thought is that the beloved in all her beauty is torn back and forth between the world and between God. That would be an image of unfaithfulness. And that does not fit in the pattern of the Song of Songs.
A third thought is that the beloved dances between Israel and the Church in all other nations. Until she finds peace in the final Kingdom of God.

Come Back

The dancing beloved is called to come back. To find peace. She can only find peace when she becomes the ultimate beloveth of God. Where both Israel and the Nations have been restored according to God's plan.
May the great love of God dwell as a beacon light among the people God has called together.
I believe this happens where we love one-another and where the gifts of the Holy Spirit abound in power.

Drawing Attention

May be the beloveth simply dances to draw attention. She - my community - should dance and present herself to draw more persons into the Kingdom of God. She represents Shalom, fullness.

Presenting the Kingdom of God to the world.

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