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Conscious 27 May 2020

In the past days I made effort to explain that the (my) local Catholic community is in trouble. We have disappointed many. We struggle in assisting the people in spiritual and real life growth or progress. We are not able to offer people a stable and secure life. There is a need for change or other solutions.

As a possible solution, I propose a local community committed to church growth. As far as I know the Catholic church in not yet willing to develop strong local communities with as purpose to assist others in their life and life journey. Actually community is nothing new. It is what God asks from us. He calls his flock together.

Why in this time?

1. The need for a stable and trustworthy life is challenged in this century of rapid change.
2. The knowledge and techniques for teaching and training has grown a lot in the last 100 years.
3. What are our alternatives? To suffer in the speed of change of the modern world? Who and or what can offer us more stability and security?

We should see the signs of the time. We should face the challenges of an instable world.

Open to hear other Proposals

I am very willing to hear other suggestions. I am willing to hear proposals of the church(es).
Who or what can provide a healthy life environment where all are welcome and where the members are truly supported in all their needs?
In my opinion the catholic family as basic cell alone, is not strong enough to offer stability and growth opportunities.

Motivation to Experiment

What could be your motivation to make you willing to talk about community?
What would motivate you to try building new committed teams?
What would you really like to happen in your home-life environment? Are you really satisfied with the status quo of Christian-society as it is?

Silent People are Dead

God loves courageous people. Not responding to invitations of the Holy Spirit is a spiritual death. The sin against the Holy Spirit can not be forgiven says Jesus (and He does not speak to make you fearful or afraid). You are invited for a joyful and meaningful life. I urge you to take time to discern what the Holy Spirit says in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. If you struggle with this, seek help.

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