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Confrontation 19 May 2020

I have a dream. I dream about communities existing to serve other people in their journey in life and on the road to eternal life. The community should be committed to support the local Catholic Church. There should be few rules. The love for God and the love for one-another should be the main guidance.

Thirty Years

I have to face it. Over more than 30 years I met plenty of people who said being interested in Christian Community. With less than two handful of people I have talked about our 'common' interests more than one evening. Sure enough I am wondering why? I have asked myself and others what I can do better. I got few answers. I studied and learned in the process. I am not blaming all the others. I am still interested.

Wrong Question

During the last months I am becoming more aware about principles of motivating people for a change. The question should perhaps be: "Why do I or we need a community?" Even this question is too far from moving people into action. It is too close to a final conclusion. The question does not stir up desire to move a step further in the process towards commitment. Everything is just fine now!

Urgent Needs

I and we should become aware that we have serious individual and common problems.
- Which things do really damage to my and our lives? And how much damage?
- On what useless things do I and we waste our time? How many hours?
- What am I and are we fighting against?
- How lonely and powerless do I and we feel?
- How many people in my city experience hell in their life. Does hell really not exist?

Stories and Facts

The coming days I will write stories to raise awareness of pains in our present lifestyle.


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