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Learning of Skills: WE 27 May 2019

I was pondering about a place to learn skills. Sometimes it is just very close. One great place is just in our home. In the WE. The picture was taken from my keyboard at work. It was very dirty. Therefore I made the unimportant parts unsharp. And now I can focus on Millet and William.

Love One-Another

I want to develop a habit of loving. The first two criteria for developing a habit are easily met: we are regularly together and there is plenty of opportunity to practice. The third criterium is also provided. It is easy to see when Millet feels loved. By times I ask Millet: What can i do today to love you?

Millet and William make a WE

WE = Millet and William.


Dear Jesus, please teach me to love better and in fresh ways. I thank you for Millet in my life.

Dear Holy Spirit, please show me where I am too proud and stubborn to love better.

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