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Unit-T 8 May 2019

You and Me

If we are one in Christ, You and Me should be in unity. We should be led by one Spirit. So that we can be effective in the works which the heavenly Father likes for us.

The T should be like a strainer

When the T works like a strainer it shapes a UNIT.

Thought (Axioma)

Every disunity can be settled if we let the Holy Spirit work.

Is Disunity a sin?

If I refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to work on my Disunity-Issues, I sin against the Holy Spirit.

And as long as I desire the disunity, and sin against the Holy Spirit, then God can not forgive me. God desires unity.

What to do?

Therefore in case of (a relevant) disunity, I should earnestly pray to the Holy Spirit and open my heart and mind.

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