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Silly Walk 16 May 2019

Another view on Pride, Fear, Shame (PFS). There are no simple and quick solutions to deal with my PFS. For today just the question how I feel about my shadow sides. Please remember, my shadow side is just a small part of what I am. So I can smile about it as well. When I came home from a visit to a friend I took the picture of today.

Part of the Silly Walk?

  • How do I imagine myself when I feel ashamed?
  • What see others in me when I am afraid?
  • What picture of me have others when I act proudly?

The more I dare to see (some) truth about myself, the more I can accept myself and learn fresh behaviour. I try to relax and smile when I face my Silly Walk.

A bicycle tunnel in Eindhoven

The Silly Walk (Bicycle Tunnel)

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