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Shelter 21 May 2019

The picture is made through the window of a train. I like the composition with the red lines. It is vacated. Perhaps there are no travelers waiting on the station's platform.

The Most High

We are invited to take our shelter in the Most High God. And so often I forget to seek my place of refuge. I choose to face the winds and rains in my life just myself.

A shelter against rain and wind

Station Platform Shelter


I am praying for more joy in my life, for a more positive view on many things.

My approach is as follows. I will meditate on the love, goodness and kindness of God. In my prayer time I will try to dream of Jesus, who is my shelter for every need. I want to imagine His Goodness to me. And I do expect that His Goodness will show in some way during my day. I desire to imitate His goodness.

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