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Postbox 10 May 2019

A postbox is a box where we place out letters so that the mail company can process them to the proper destination. Our mind has some areas which resemble a post box. We tend to post some of our shadow sides in a dark area in our mind. To name some items usually stored in dark places: Pride, Fear and Shame. We don't like to show those things.

A Dutch Post Box

Another box with a dark inside


Strange enough I am usually not aware of my pride, shame, anger and many other characteristics. I have trained myself to hide them and to protect them. Very few people say about themselves that they are proud. In truth I think that all people have some areas of pride. Others around can by times observe what we are not aware of ourselves.


I am ashamed about my shame, fear, anger, jealousy and so many more things. I am afraid that others will judge me as bad when they know about it. I try to hide and fake others and even myself.


It is helpful for me that I learn to accept my darker sides. Little by little. And without criticism. I will get to know myself more accurate. And I can assess myself more realistic. Is it really strange that I am by times afraid or ashamed? No-one is perfect.

In the coming days I will write about Fear, Shame and Pride.

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