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PFS Crack 15 May 2019

Normally I am great in hiding my Pride, Fear, Shame (PFS). No-one including I myself will notice it. I am not aware often. And I have developed smart and creative ways to avoid exposing my fear and shame. Even I myself forget that I am ashamed of a few things. I am too afraid to show my fears. I am too proud to admit that I have pride.

Everything is fine

Not really:

  • By times there are cracks in my defense. People around and I myself may be shocked and disappointed.
  • I pay a high price for frequently avoiding nice opportunities in life.
  • It simply does not feel good. My pride may feel good, but I know I damage relationships.

wooden block with crack

The crack shows the heart


First, I like to realize that I have emotions. The cracks in my behaviour expose them. So I can know a little about myself. I ask for God's love. It helps to accept myself.

Second, I can acknowledge to myself and others that I struggle with my PFS. It takes courage to keep the cracks open. I need to admit where I avoid responsibilities.

Third, I ask the Holy Spirit for opportunities to overcome some fears and shame. I ask for humility to consider others better than myself.

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