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Passive Aggressive II 2 May 2019

Much of my income during the past 20 years was earned with Torture Room TV testing. Passive aggressive actions aim to annoy another person. It may look like a game. The behaviour can easily be triggered. Dealing with passive aggressive behaviour of someone else is not easy.

This game advertises a test facility

My Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Any of us may have not cooperative and unproductive behaviour by times or even regularly.

I easily get annoyed. I like to hurt others around. I like to pay back trouble he/she or they have imposed on me. Usually I am less or more aware of the fact that I am hurting and torturing other people, who perhaps not even have been the cause of my pain or disappointment.

Signs of my Passive Aggressiveness

- If I am not happy with a person, do I find myself pondering often about him/her?
- Do I quit in the middle of a conversation when I get upset?
- Do I use by times sarcasm to hold off honest talking?
- If I am annoyed with someone, do I avoid him or her?

What can I do?

- Get aware of my disorderly actions (without self-condemnation)
- Realize that changing takes time and effort
- Take the courage to find out what caused my bad feelings
- Ask forgiveness for my unkindness

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