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My PFS (Pride Fear Shame) 13 May 2019

To understand where my Pride, Fear and Shame hinders me, I need to be specific. Today some personal examples.

imprisoned person

Locked-up Hiding


  1. I am not doing such things (Denial)
  2. Blaming others
  3. Not taking responsibility (to hurt others)
  4. Avoiding relationship (to hurt others)
  5. Avoiding taking risk (I will not make a fault; others will not laugh about me)


  1. Procrastination for fear of making faults
  2. Avoiding to talk to people for fear of not being able to hear or understand them properly
  3. To make a traffic accident
  4. To loose money
  5. To damage things of myself and others
  6. That I may be disconnected from the acceptance (love) of others
  7. That I may be fired


  1. To admit my faults
  2. To admit my irresponsibility
  3. For faults I made many years ago
  4. For my (past) ineffectiveness
  5. For not being able to know/sing a song (completely)
  6. For the clumsy drawings I make
  7. Shame for my inability to dance
  8. Shame for my ugly looking teeth, sweat and clumsy moving

Does it sound familiar?

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