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Ends 30 May 2019

Ends of the earth

At Ascension Day the disciples of Jesus were told that they had to bring the good news until the ends of the earth. They made their efforts. Today we travel with five persons from almost the ends of the world to Lourdes. It is still not easy to find the ends of this world. (The poor?)

5 tickets

Five boarding passes

Is the work done?

In a way yes. The good news of Jesus Christ has gone all over the world. Many people however did not respond to the invitation.

What is beyond this world?

Does God exist? Is there an eternal life?

For me those are important questions. I have sought answers. One method is trying to believe and then ask God to reveal himself to you. Seek, and you shall find. God promises this in the bible.

Go to and beyond the ends of a round world, holds a real challenge.

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