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Elisabetta 11 May 2019

Elisabetta has no fear and shame. She is not too proud to ask questions. Elisabetta is 4 years old. For the parents and caregivers, the questions and comments of Elisabetta are not always easy. I hope however they have courage to listen to Elisabetta. And I pray that they may have wisdom how to deal with Elisabetta's smart reasoning. For me Elisabetta is precious.

A lovely girl


On the road

Elisabetta had learned to greet everyone on the street. Most people like it and respond kindly.

When some people didn't respond at all, Elisabetta commented: Deze mevrouw kan niet horen. Translated this means: This lady can not hear.


Elisabetta remembers observations of the parents: This food is not healthy. Interestingly she explains the wisdom, to others. She still knows to whom she can ask for unhealthy foods.

When Elisabetta by times likes her will be done, she reasons. Why is it not allowed?

Unfortunately it is hard for a parent or caregiver to explain all their own reasoning to a child.

Being as a Child

When I remember the saying of Jesus, I think about Elisabetta. I love her courage to live.

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