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Dry 18 May 2019

It is the warmest day of May. Millet and I have been doing volunteers work in Helvoirt, Emmaus Retreat Center. A day of hard work hopefully on fertile ground.

watering the garden

Fertile ground needs water

Waiting for Rain

Weather predictions promised thunderstorms. It is just a prediction. The Netherlands does not have enough rain for more than a year. This is not an immediate problem. Although it may cause more trouble than we can see on the surface soil.

Spiritual Drought

If there is a God and an eternal life, most of our country does not care a lot. If we face drought, not many people really care. If many people in the the world have a shortage of food, not many in the Netherlands care about that.


Indifference may have many reasons. I did not learn to care. I do not know how to care. I am disappointed in trying to care.

The disadvantage is that with passivity I miss a lot of life, joy, pleasure and fulfillment.

I think I need a refreshing rain in my dryness. I am willing to get wet to become fertile for Jesus. The Holy Spirit may touch my heart, soul and body.

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