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Car Wash 17 May 2019

Most men do care pretty well for their car. The car is valuable.


I am valuable as well. Who cares for me? Some easy answers: God cares for me, my wife Millet cares for me.

Do I care?

I am not great in caring. I like to use my life in a meaningful way.

If I want to care for a few things, I need to be in a good shape. I need to be cared for as well. If I am cared for sufficiently, I can support some other needs around.

Do I believe that I am valuable?

I do have a need for care and love. I do have a need for peace and joy. I do have regularly a need for the support and wisdom of others around.

It seems that I do have a need for Neighbours, Family and Community.

By the way: I am valuable because I know that (at least) God and Millet love me and care for me.

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Car Wash

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