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Bingo 25 May 2019

All my friends know that I like cookies. When I am in the Philippines I buy some cookies for eating with my coffee. Bingo is a brand that offers very reasonable not too big cookies.

Bingo is as well a gambling game. One of my friends living in an elderly home is not so happy with the bingo. His room is very close to the 'bingo' hall. So all his Thursday evenings he has to bear with the game.

Bingo is a yell which I hear from some of my colleagues when they get a problem solved.

Common Bingo

What do all those matters have in common?
All the bingo's relate to short living peak experiences.

By times we need little happy experiences.

I am sure my elderly friend also feels a bingo when by times an unexpected visitor drops in.

Some cookies from the Philippines

Some Bingo.

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