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Matthew 9:27-31. Son Of David 12 Mar 2023

Mat 9:27 As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed him shouting,
'Take pity on us, son of David.'
28 And when Jesus reached the house
the blind men came up to him and he said to them,
'Do you believe I can do this?'
They said, 'Lord, we do.'
29 Then he touched their eyes saying,
'According to your faith, let it be done to you.'
30 And their sight returned.
Then Jesus sternly warned them,
'Take care that no one learns about this.'
31 But when they had gone away,
they talked about him all over the countryside.

Why did the two blind man call Jesus 'Son of David'?


Jesus, take pity on us, especially where we are blind.

Self Evaluation

Do I believe that Jesus takes pity on me?

Son Of David

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