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Matthew 10:11-13. Someone Worthy 20 Mar 2023

Mat 10:11 Whatever town or village you go into,
seek out someone worthy
and stay with him until you leave.
12 As you enter his house, salute it,
13 and if the house deserves it,
may your peace come upon it;
if it does not,
may your peace come back to you.

A town or a village. Find someone worthy. And stay with him. He is supposed to own a house.
The disciples might have gone to the market and asked various persons a 'The kingdom is near, can we stay in your house?' or 'Is there someone sick in you house? Can we visit?'

Salute the house. And if the house deserves it ... What does a house deserve? Maintenance perhaps. And 'my' peace can go and come back. As if I can loose it.

The Kingdom

The disciples are announcing the kingdom. And when the offer is rejected, it is not a small thing as we will see.


Jesus, please teach me to act effectively and how to connect to worthy persons.

Self Evaluation

For sure I am not very effective in connecting to 'worthy' persons.

Someone Worthy

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