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Matthew 9:18-26. Multitasking 11 Mar 2023

Mat 9:18 While he was speaking to them,
suddenly one of the officials came up,
who bowed low in front of him and said,
'My daughter has just died,
but come and lay your hand on her and her life will be saved.' 19 Jesus rose and, with his disciples, followed him.
20 Then suddenly from behind him came a woman,
who had been suffering from a haemorrhage for twelve years,
and she touched the fringe of his cloak, 21 for she was thinking,
'If only I can touch his cloak I shall be saved.'
22 Jesus turned round and saw her; and he said to her,
'Courage, my daughter, your faith has saved you.'
And from that moment the woman was saved.
23 When Jesus reached the official's house
and saw the flute-players,
with the crowd making a commotion, he said,
24 'Get out of here; the little girl is not dead; she is asleep.'
And they ridiculed him.
25 But when the people had been turned out
he went inside and took her by the hand; and she stood up.
26 And the news of this spread all round the countryside.

Jesus is said to be our savior. Now in this story, the word 'saved' appears 4 times. The first time it applies to a life, saving a girl from death. And pulling her back from death.
With the other case, a woman had lost her life, already 12 years long. And Jesus pulled her out of her 'death'. She came back to life.

So Jesus pulled two females out of a certain death. Actually the 'multitasking' story began with a change from 'fasting' to following Jesus: new wine in new skins. It is Jesus who saves from death and restores life.


Jesus, save me from the dead tracks in my life. E.g. my fears, my clinging to providing income for myself, my clinging to trusted dead life.

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I am still blind for my own attachments.

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