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Matthew 10:9-10. The Journey 19 Mar 2023

Mat 10:9 Provide yourselves with no gold or silver,
not even with coppers for your purses,
10 with no haversack for the journey
or spare tunic or footwear or a staff,
for the laborer deserves his keep.

On the journey to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Jesus introduces a very simple concept. Go as a needy person. In this way you will have a need to knock on doors of strangers for help. That help might be water (not on the forbidden list), food and a place to sleep. In the upcoming verses, some more instructions will follow.


1) Money. As long as I am myself in control financially, I may act independently.
2) Coppers. No small coins. I may need to give up financial control (for this journey). It could mean as well, that they were not allowed to accept money from the people they met during the journey.
3) Haversack. Perhaps the disciples should do some fasting on the trip or not travel too far. When you are in a hurry and self-supporting, you will not knock on many doors. You may make a long trip and meet nobody.
4) Spare Tunic. One can keep himself warm in a night.
5) No (Spare) Footwear. It is hard for a long journey. Perhaps they should not make too many miles before a break.
6) No Staff. Perhaps they better would not have a staff in their hands when rejected at the door of a house.

And then follows a "FOR", a reason.
I deserve the care and support of the people I visit.
And reversely, when I receive a guest, I should be generous. It could be a messenger of Jesus himself.


Jesus, please instruct me for my journey in the coming year.

Self Evaluation

It is really hard to give up control. I like to do things 'my way.'

The Journey

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