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I.M. Unhappy 23 Mar 2022

It happens that I treat myself a bit fishy. I feel like locked up in a gloomy bowl. There are just bad thoughts. I no more can see the normal world. I am in need for more transparent waters in my bowl, the mind.

Fish Bowl

My mind's fish bowl may carry some unhappy and unfortunate thoughts. They are called lies or distortions of the truth. Usually the water around those thoughts is very gloomy and dark.
When the bad-thought-fishes stop struggling and moving around, the mud in the dark water begins to sink. And the fish bowl can become clear. I feel less gloomy in my mind. I can observe the world around as more friendly and accommodating.
My thoughts determine how I feel. The fortunate consequence is that I can affect how I feel. I have my life in my own hands. I should be in control and not my negative thoughts.


Come Holy Spirit, renew my thinking and fill me with peace, love and joy. Sanctify my thoughts.

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